"Anomalous transport: subdiffusion and superdiffusion in biology"


PhD. Sergei Fedotov

School of Mathematics, University of Manchester

Jueves 11 de Mayo de 2017

Sala de Usos Multiples de la FCFM-UNACH

12:30 horas



Anomalous transport is a new, exciting area of research because it is a widespread natural phenomenon. Examples include movement of proteins and lipids on cell membranes, motor-protein mediated active transport inside cells, transport of signalling molecules in the dendrites, superdiffusive cancer cells motility. Anomalous transport cannot be described by standard tools like diffusion equations. Instead it requires the use of fractional diffusion equations involving fractional derivatives of non-integer order. I show how to apply these fractional equations to the morphogen gradient.


Nonlinar fractional PDE, subdiffusion of morphogens, degradation enhanced diffusion, Superdiffusive transport, Metapopulation transport on network and aggregation phenomena



Reseña del Ponente

Prof. Sergei Fedotov is a staff member of the School of mathematics in University of Manchester, he has published more than 80 papers on international journals such as Physical Review, Theoretical Biology, Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, Physics Letters; His current work involves Anomalous Transport, Non-Markovian models of intracellular transport in a heterogeneous environment and Financial Mathematics. .

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